Supreme Court decision on BI claims and its bearing on claims submitted to AXA

Following on from the Supreme Court decision and subsequent press coverage, some policyholders may believe that the ruling suggests all previously rejected BI claims will now be paid. It’s important to clarify that this is not the case.

BI claims submitted to AXA linked to the pandemic have fallen into three categories and AXA have been dealing with them in three different ways:

1. Valid claims have been and are being paid as quickly as possible. There are still a small number of settlements of valid claims outstanding which they aim to resolve as soon as they can.

2. For those claims where the ongoing legal case may have had some bearing regarding the extent of cover, AXA wrote to relevant policyholders and explained that our final decision would become clear following due legal process. That process is now complete and they intend to write promptly to all policyholders in this category to confirm whether their claims were actually affected by the ruling and when they will be paid.

3. For all other claims that were rejected, the Supreme Court appeal ruling has had no impact and AXA’s original decision stands. Therefore, if a client has not received a letter stating that the Supreme Court appeal decision might affect them, AXA will not be re-examining their claim.

AXA understands that the pressures on business owners and managers must be enormous and that some of the press statements will have encouraged them to believe that the Supreme Court decision will in some way mean a reversal of all previous claims decisions.

Their Claims centres are being inundated with calls and emails from policyholders obviously under the misapprehension that their claims have been made valid by the judgement.

It is important that AXA manages the expectations of their clients and ensure that those clients whose claims are not affected by the recent judgement understand that the Supreme Court ruling will not mean a change in their decision.

Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that enquiries about this are handled with honesty and transparency at what must be a very difficult time.

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