We’ve updated our Terrorism Insurance Product!

Our popular Terrorism product has just been made even better! You can now get an instant quote for total sums insured up to £40,000,000, with higher limits available on request.

This product covers damage and non-damage BI and the definitions extend to include Sabotage in addition to Terrorism. For the purpose of this Insurance, an act of sabotage means a subversive act or series of such acts committed for political, religious or ideological purposes including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public in fear for such purposes.

Denial of Access within 1 mile radius – Damage AND Non Damage BI
Civil/Military Authorities have closed off access to insured premise whether physical damage has occurred or not.

Loss of Utilities:
Physical Damage has occurred within a 1 mile radius which has resulted in a business interruption loss to insured operations.

Emergency costs:
An amount of money payable after four hours from which a property has become uninhabitable or inaccessible by an insured loss.

Public Relations Expenses:
Employment of a suitable public relations personnel to deal with press and public announcements after an insured loss

Recent Examples of insured events are:

  • Borough Market Attacks
  • Manchester Arena bombing
  • Westminster Bridge Attacks
  • Parsons Green Tube bomb

Terrorism Insurance

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