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Terrorism insurance is purchased by property and business owners to cover their potential losses and liabilities that might occur due to terrorist activities and or an event where there is a denial of access to the premises.

An attack not only on, but near your premises, can result in human casualties, property damage, business interruption, legal liability issues and long-term damage to brand and reputation.

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Our Cover Extends to Include:

Damage AND Non Damage BI
Civil/Military Authorities have closed off access to insured premise whether physical damage has occurred or not.

Loss of Utilities:

Physical Damage has occurred within a 1 mile radius which has resulted in a business interruption loss to insured operations.

Emergency costs:

An amount of money payable after four hours from which a property has become uninhabitable or inaccessible by an insured loss.

Public Relations Expenses:

Employment of a suitable public relations personnel to deal with press and public announcements after an insured loss.

Can we quote for your property portfolio renewals or a new business enquiry?

Terrorism insurance features frequently with property portfolio insurance (whether commercial or residential property). We can provide very competitive terms for property portfolio insurance and offer specific terrorism insurance as an option to the cover. Whether you have a mixed tenant residential or commercial portfolio, you can be assured that we will provide terms within 24 hours of receiving the presentation.

Options Include:

  • Terrorism Insurance in isolation.
  • Combined portfolio and Terrorism insurance.
  • Portfolio of residential and or commercial properties and no Terrorism.
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